Immigration Solicitors



When searching for any type of advice for any immigration problem arises you should find immigration solicitors who can deal with your problem effectively and speedily so as you maximise your chances of success in achieving what it is that you want from your immigration advice.

Where you are seeking out immigration solicitors to assist with any of the more common legal immigration issues that arise frequently ensure that they   have the knowledge and expertise to deal with any type of immigration legal matters professionally and competently.

Some of the more commonly seen immigration legal problems which may require reliable and trusted advice are ones which are below listed:

•Visas and immigration

•European Nationals

•British citizenship

•Asylum and Political Refugees

•Spouse Immigration

•Visiting and working in the UK


•Immigration Appeals

•Immigration Students

•Family immigration – children

•Human Rights Applications, refusals and appeals



Once your immigration solicitors have obtained and collated all the relevant documents needed for your case they will then present it to the relevant bodies and where necessary an immigration solicitor will represent you in court to present your case and to represent you. The immigration solicitors themselves will play no part, however, in the decisions made on your case.


In the UK, it is the United Kingdom Border Agency who is primarily responsible for controlling immigration both inside the UK and makes all the relevant decisions on around any immigration cases presented along with The Home Office.

The person directly in charge of such issues is The Secretary of State who as the person responsible for issuing any decisions and outcomes following when cases are presented where groups or individuals make an application to stay or remain in the host country, whilst they are already in the UK.


If you reside outside England and want to visit study or work in the UK, you will have to apply for Entry Clearance or a relevant visa from the British Embassy or High Commission in your country of residence to enter the UK.  If you are coming to join relatives already living in the UK you will need to apply for a specific type of visa whereas if you were coming to study or work that would require a different process and type of visa altogether.


Whatever your personal immigration may be it is vital that you are represented and assisted by the best immigration solicitors in the uk that you are able to seek out who will in turn provide you with all the best and up to date immigration advice which will include any recent changes to immigration law and legislation that may affect, your current status or the application of your immigration case.


Ensure that you find immigration solicitors who are happy and able to provide you a bi-lingual solicitor to deal with your enquiry, where possible. If you are from outside the UK it is important that all the immigration advice or immigration help that you receive is fully understood.